Threats Overview

My mother and I,Profiled and Attacked Aboard a Northwest Airlines Flight in Jan. of this year, we have suffered over 9 months of illegal gestapo threats and intimidation tactics from sinister factions amongst the Minneapolis 'law enforcement' and governing bodies.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Threats and Intimidation Summary Re: NWA Profiling Attack

Threats Overview
My mother and I,Profiled and Attacked Aboard a Northwest Airlines
Flight in Jan. of this year, we have suffered over 2 years of illegal
threats and intimidation tactics from sinister factions amongst
the Minneapolis 'law enforcement' and governing bodies in both United States and Canada.

Threats and Intimidation Summary Re: NWA Profiling Attack

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Threats / Intimidation summary: My Mother and I Profiled on board a NWA flight Jan.18/06, attacked then framed, the threats and intimidation were incessant:
Threats left on answering machines, elements of FBI, CIA, NSA, corrupted MN Police (police nortorious in the news for a deliberate unwarranted chase down/ shooting death of a minority) and other factions including NWA officials (NWA being the airline on which I was profiled and * attacked and then
*** framed) on a ***fixed and corrupted jury pool (as has been their practice lately as noted in media) with a ***criminally linked judge in Judge David S. Doty, who threatened us and a ‘defense’ attorney working secretly for the prosecution! As well as a police ‘complaint advocacy’ centre

that turned out to have allegiance to covering up police violations and
delinquency; lines tapped, emails intercepted and accounts shut down,
consistent hang up blocked calls, voice mail messages deleted, friends intimidated, illegal surveillance by FBI and **registered mail from legal clinics intercepted and destroyed (arriving in sealed plastic envelopes from the post office with the contents missing)

***We have been traumatized and suffered severely as a result of 8 months of intimidation tactics and violations on our persons.

(Note: Police have been notorious in their frequent appearances in the news of late relating to profiling, as well as racially motivated assault and battery and conspicuous overrepresentation on corrupted racially biased jury pools where police have been frequently caught lying on stand)

***Police Purjury in our case was overt: Officer Alvin Cooper was caught overtly lying

and exposed the officer’s ‘shell-game deception’ of reporting
themselves in false postions aboard the aircraft in order to portray a
false scenario of events that at once, implicated me and exhonnerated
them of their hyenus crimes and criminally culpable actions.

Moreover: Airport Profiling Incidents have been strikingly on the rise with many victims of this hateful indoctrination in the news of late and hostile sentiments augmenting themselves at an alarming rate.

to those who would assist me: A threat warning a friend of mine to stay
away and not interfere was left on his answering machine. It was quite
overt and omininous.

***Illegal ***FBI surveillance of my premises and I have visually I.D.'d FBI agent Mark Rensch outside my home!
in!!: ***Oct.5/06 FBI have just been caught in the news doing illegal
spy activity in Canada – I heard about this only this morning and felt
I should include this expose in with my personal experience as poignant
and evidentiary material in support of our case.)

Illegal threats and intimidation have been rampant and are almost in exhaustive in scope

Menacing undeviating gaze from guards and jiu-jitzu juror seated directly behind me:
As if having factions of NSA, FBI, MN Police , CIA and such on my jury panel wasn’t disturbing enough, and a ‘defense’ attorney

who turned out to be in allegiance to the prosecution, I at one point,
turned around to find not one, but 2 individuals staring at me with
fixed unwavering hostile gaze:
one the one hand there was the
JIU-JITZU student on the jury pool, seated directly behind me staring
at me and smiling with cynical hostility- while on the other, there was
the apparently specially selected bodybuilding security guard who began
nodding his head at me in knowing anticipation!!


“The U.S. Marshals Will GET YOU- They’ll HUNT YOU DOWN!!!”
Judge Doty’s Gestapo Threats Rendition at the Close of Our Trial:

Judge Doty has a history of criminal charges and misconduct allegations against him as can be seen at the following web address: Of course his position as Senior District Court Judge has granted him immunity from due accountability under the law.

At the close of our trial Judge Doty threatened

to have the U.S. Marshals follow us “to the ends of the earth” in the
context of warning me that I had ought not fail to appear in attendance
for the forthcoming sentencing subsequent to the (corrupted) trial.
Doty stated “and I’ll tell you right now, if you don’t show up for
sentencing, I’ll send the U.S. Marshals out hunting for you; He then
likened his scenario to Hollywood, stating further “and
Don’t Think It’s Not Like Hollywood because it is-they overdo the FBI
in the movies – but Not the U.S. Marshals- THEY’LL HUNT YOU DOWN-EVEN

Years from now they’ll pull you out of another country if they have to. I’ve seen it happen many times before!
I’m not to worried (coyly) we have a pretty good relationship with
Canada right now so I don’t see that being a problem at all.

***An Illegal Threat From Judge David S. Doty:
The US Marshals Do Not Have Authority To Come Up Into Canada to ‘Get
ME’ as Judge Doty had threatened, rendering his words immoral improper,
abuse of position and authority and most importantly, LEGALLY BINDING
AS UTTERING THREATS! Now assuming the dictation writer did her job and
included his comments (instead of selectively leaving them out…)then a
record of judge Doty’s threats rendition should be available in the
official Court Transcripts.

Judge David S. Doty Sr. District
Court Judge MN has corrupted himself entirely in this matter: He has
facilitated the use of illegal application of law in allowing
prosecution court room theatrics, a corrupted ‘blue collar’ (pre ordained/corrupted) jury pool
with NSA, FBI, CIA as its components, misuse of the Spreigl Rule under
rule 404b, and even more incredulous, the uttering of threats against
us in the closing moments of the trial to the effect of the rendition
detailed above.
Judge Doty has truly placed himself above the law and beyond the law.

FBI were brought in to question James’ in conjunction
with James’ calling card having been disabled
. James felt forced into speaking to FBI in order to preserve his own personal safety under the conditions.

A systemic practice of threats made unto inmates in the elevator shaft, while being transported up to the court house, presented itself quite clearly.

threats in elevator shaft/ guards at Hennipen county jail
are cited as musing about choking people out and then taking photos of this act while in progress.

I had apprised pre trial services officer David Drake, of the systemic
apparent mandate of threats given by security guards, while taking
individuals up in the elevator shafts to the court house. I had noticed
this on several occasions during my ‘stay’ at Hennipen County jail,
those 6 days. On one occasion, guards mused about having ‘had’ to choke
out an inmate who was not cooperating and not holding still enough for
the photos. They laughed cynically about having taken photos of the
attack and then turned to stare at all of us (as we stood there chained
in the elevator shaft-defenseless…) with menacing gaze in suggestion of
the obvious.

*Although I pointed this out to pre trial services
officer David Drake, he seemed unmoved by this. Apparently threats in
the elevator shaft are simply tolerated as normal interdepartmental

*I had occasion to hear first hand from several others
about numerous threats they had received unto their person and this,
despite the relatively brief duration of my ‘stay’ (only 6 days time).

border threat:

several days later after having returned from the incident in the u.s.,
James received a call from u.s. customs officer, Chris Nissan, at
customs. James was threatened by customs/border personnel employee
Chris Nissan, as to what might happen to him when he returned to the
border for trial. Chris Nissan indicated that they had reason to
believe James had violated court imposed mandate stipulating that James
must use transportation by means other than air (a human rights
violation in itself, given that James is innocent). he claimed, on
behalf of northwest airlines, that James was in breach of a court
imposed ‘no-fly’ order, in having flown back to Canada instead of
having taken “means other than air travel”.

as James stood there
with his greyhound ticket in hand and his mother listening on in shock,
Chris Nissan of u.s. customs stated ominously, “you’re going to have
some big problems when you come back to the border!!” in conjunction
with instructing James in bringing a last month’s rent statement and
completing other unusual tasks in light of this alleged breach. this
was very disturbing.

preposterous as this was, it also
caused James tremendous anxiety, compounding that of the incident
itself. this false accusation had quickly become misplaced
authoritarianism in conjunction with the issue of threat!

***the threatening call to James home was not only unwarranted but completely unnecessary:
had, by this time, obtained the services of an independent legal
attorney and as such, the call should not have gone to James directly.
This was entirely improper and reeks of intimidation tactics.

***threats left on answering machine:

friend of James’, by the name of Allan bright, had a threatening
message left on his answering machine, warning him that he had better
“stay out of (their) way” the implication being quite overt and clear.

the intimidation component, jams clearly illustrates the following
tactics that have been used against them in order to intimidate family
and friends.

i. Frequent and evenly spaced hang up calls at
intervals of approximately 2 hours, with answering machines recording
these calls as unidentified, call blocked, at these regular intervals,
when people are not there to receive the calls.
ii. voice mail
deletions off of the answering machines of those who attempt to assist
jams has placed a large element of intimidation into the scheme of
things, with the intent to dissuade people from assisting, out of fear.
computer spy ware sabotage: accounts closed down, viruses sent,
business passwords made defunct and messages indicative of computer
hacking into systems (which jams has printed out and has had signed as
proof!!) making themselves blatantly apparent.

iv. Illegal
surveillance by one officer mark Rensch outside jams’ home on or about
Jan 27 immediately subsequent to jams’ bail hearing. An element of
intimidation is certainly inherent herein.

v. *** a jury pool laced with elements MN Police,
security, NWA employees, prosecuting attorneys and other conspicuous
factions. (More on this later on/ see “breach of law and protocol
concerning the nuances of the trial itself***” further ahead in this

The effect of all of this illegal sabotage and threat has been quite crippling by design:

this point, in coordinating efforts and communication with those
seeking to assist me, I must always inform them of the following:
my line is tapped; That I may not get their voice messages if they call
me and leave a message when I am not home and that they may not receive
mine; That my emails may be intercepted and may not reach them and that
any information I send via email may be removed right off their hard
drives if they are not present to receive it and copy it onto a c.d. in
a timely fashion!!

Regular Interval Blocked Calls: To
this day, I receive hang up calls that are uniformly spaced in time
with the number and origin of the call blocked each time. Moreover,
when I leave the home and return back to the premises, I notice on my
call display, that at regular intervals (approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours
apart) a blocked call has been registered on my call display. It would
seem that someone (or some faction) is very interested in knowing my
habits of comings and goings throughout the day…

Possessions stolen from my apartment, home raided, sent to police
headquarters 12 hours interrogation no food no water, while they mocked
my position threatening extradition to the United States... "The United
States and Minneapolis say they have unfinished business with
you...'our boss says maybe we should hold you here long enough for them
to come up and GET you- would you like that?"


The abduction was followed by

incessent phone calls from security companies in the U.S. leaving
messages on my answering machine to the effect of "Life Safety Program
free trial offer- don't wait until its too late..."
numbers and messages lead to answering systems that did not allow the
recipient to leave messages or speak to anyone- evidently threats and
intimidation in yet another form. One such number was 1 888 316 7666.

Recent Threats from Steven Davis-Representative of FBI and U.S. Marshals- Threats towards further abduction attempts!~

Recently, as of Jan-Feb/08 I was contacted by an individual by the name of Steven Davis, who stated he was representative of F.B.I. Steven Davis made several extremely threatening statements very emphatically:
1. He stated he was in contact with 75 FBI agents concerning our case.
2. He stated he stated he was in contact with one U.S. Marshal by the name of Kelly Meutchler.
3. He stated Kelly Meutchler was working steadfastly with THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT- "anxiously awaiting the Canadian government to see about my RENDITION to their custody in the U.S. " --THERE ARE NO OUTSTANDING CHARGES AGAINST ME FOR WHICH EXTRADITION COULD BE CONSIDERED LEGAL PROCESS- THEY HAVE BEEN DISCUSSING MY UNLAWFUL ABDUCTION.

In Conclusion, A Poignant Message:
***Seeking Advocacy in our struggle against racism profiling and tyranny:
Racial profiling and descrimination against minorities has a long and tainted history:
From the abuse of Malcolm X a symbol upstanding in both Islamic and Black history, Nelson Mandela under apartheid, the trials and tribulations of Martin Luther King and, to the more modern day recounts of the Rodney King Beating and the Profiling and descrimination against Arab born Ahmed Farooq, Mohamed Harkat, and Maher Arar, and the incessant racial profiling amongst the airlines industry.

Please Contact Us: Aaron James 204 474 0654; E:
Linda James 204 632 5598,
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